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Wire Drawing production line Annealing Wire Drawing production line Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine
Pulley Type Wire Drawing Machine Cold Tube(Pipe) Drawing Bench Water Type Wire Drawing Machine
Vertical Type Wire Drawing & Ribbing Machine Vertical Type Wire Drawing Machine Auxiliary of wire drawing machine

Vertical type Wire drawing Machine:

Vertical type wire drawing machine is designed to specialize in metal wire second stage processing, it complies with the conveniences of wire drawing smooth procedure. This machine possesses both functions of wire drawing and wire coiling. The wire is drawn and then automatically coiled into the carrier below.Model ABE is easy to operate,it saves time and labor, with good efficiency. Model ABE covers wide ranges, such as fastener wire, copper wire and various kinds of steel iron wire drawing and wire coiling and also surface brightness operation.
Suitable materical: Copper wire.head steel wire.soft steel wire. Stainless wire and other metal wire.
Vertical Type Wire Drawing Machine Invet vertical Wire drawing machine Gravity block wire drawing machine
Vertical Type Wire Drawing Machine Invet vertical type wire drawing machine Gravity Block Wire Drawing Machine

Item Unit ABE-600T ABE-750T ABE-800T ABE-1000T ABE-1300T DL-1500 DL-1200 DL-1000 DL-800 DL-600
Capstan dia. mm Ø600 Ø750 Ø800 Ø1000 Ø1300 1500 1200 1000 800 600
Incoming dia. mm 4-8 8-13 8-14 12-25 20-34 20-30 ≤18 ≤14 ≤10 ≤7
Material strength MPa - - - - - 400-1100 ≤1300 ≤1300 ≤1300 ≤1300
Drawing speed m/min 80-120 60-90 50-90 35-65 22-33 50-30 30 40 60 90
Motor power kw 25-30 HP 50 HP 50 HP 50-75 HP 100 HP 90-130 30-45 22-37 18.5-30 15-22
Unloading weight kg - - - - - 2000 2000 1500 1000 500

Our Wire Mesh Machine Products Catalog:

Welded Wire Mesh Machine Expanded Metal Mesh Machine PVC Coating Line Wire Drawing Machine
Angle Beads Machine Plaster Stop Machine Brickwork Reinforcing Mesh Machine Rib Lath Making Machine
HY-Rib Formwork Mesh Machine Barbed Wire Machine Gabion Mesh Machine  

Our Wire Mesh Products Catalog:

Welded Wire Mesh PVC Coated Wire Corner Beads (Angle Beads) Plaster stop
HY-Rib Formwork Mesh RIB LATH Hexagonal Wire Netting Expanded Metal Mesh (Diamond Metal Mesh)
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