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Expanded Metal Mesh (Diamond Metal Mesh):

Anber wire mesh & machinery Factory can produce expanded metal products in a variety of metal materials, typically aluminum expanded metal, carbon steel expanded metal, stainless expanded metal, brass expanded metal, nickel expanded, titanium expanded, also expanded metal in precious metal like silver, gold, etc.

The Metal Lath can be made from Galvanized Steel Plate. And have a range of application in different fields: The Diamond Mesh Lath can be used for ornamental and contour plastering. Small Mesh Lath conserve plaster and reduce dropping. And the expanded mesh can be use as exterior stuccco base, column fireprrofing and for replastering over old surfaces. V-grrove option available.

expanded metal mesh expanded metal mesh expanded metal mesh expanded metal mesh
Expanded metal mesh 1 Expanded metal mesh 2 Expanded metal mesh 3 Expanded metal mesh 4

Our Wire Mesh Machine Products Catalog:
Welded Wire Mesh Machine Expanded Metal Mesh Machine PVC Coating Line Wire Drawing Machine
Angle Beads Machine Plaster Stop Machine Brickwork Reinforcing Mesh Machine Rib Lath Making Machine
HY-Rib Formwork Mesh Machine Barbed Wire Machine Gabion Mesh Machine  
Our Wire Mesh Products Catalog:
Welded Wire Mesh PVC Coated Wire Angle Beads (Corner Beads) Plaster stop
HY-Rib Formwork Mesh RIB LATH Hexagonal Wire Netting Expanded Metal Mesh (Diamond Metal Mesh)

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