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3D Truss girder welding machine 2D Truss girder welding machine

3D Truss Girder Welding Machine :

The Triangular-lattice-girders are made from high tensile reinforcing bar, Lattice Girders being with a typical design comprising of one top bar (8-16mm), two bottom bars (8-12mm) and inclined 'zigzag' bars (8mm). The Lattice girders are made to your specification so we can accommodate virtually any height, width and length. The Lattice girder welding machines produce standard lattice girders, thrust girders and wall girders. Lattice girder applications: Often used in permanent precast concrete formwork to in-situ slabs, lattice girders provide rigidity to the unit and acts as a mechanical fixing between the precast formwork and the in-situ concrete.

Lattic Girder Welding Line Straightening unit of the truss girder welding machine Truss Girder Collecting system
Lattic Girder Welding Line Straightening Unit of the Lattice Girder line Truss Girder Receivig system
Wire pay off Inclined bead wire bending and welding system Truss Girder Cutting System
Decoiler Inclined Bead Bending & moulding Truss Girder Cutting system

Layout: Line wire pay-off → Line wire straightening unit → rod bending unit → truss bridge welding system → cutting system → truss girder collector
1. 5 sets of Line wire pay-off: Max. Carrying capacity 1,500Kg for each set.
2. 5sets of Line wire straightening unit: Each set can be controlled separately, emergency stop switch, keep personnel and equipment away from damage.
3. Inclined beading bending & molding structure, the height of the truss bridge is adjustable
4. Welding system: Set on the top and bottom side, motor control, adjusting the height of the truss bridge, adopting Pneumatic control system
5. Truss bridge cutting: auto cutting in-phase, high efficiency
6. Material receiving system: automatic material receiving & stacking system, chain type driving
7. Control system
     PLC control
     Electronical Component (Siemens brand)
     Set jointing control centre, fault a ming function
     All jointing data can be set and adjust facility
     Including electronic control cabinet, operation platform.
Advantages of Lattice girder machines:
Extremely short times for changing of height and dimensions.
Setting of welding control via monitor and examination of welding points.
Special welding electrodes which are not replaced when worn out but simply turned forward by one increment.
High reliability of the process due to flexible stacking for girder packs of different lengths.
Stacking by order reference is possible.
Easy maintenance of all plant components.
Automatic reminder of maintenance upon reaching preset output meters.

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