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Pulley type Wire drawing Machine:

The pulley type wire drawing machine is a combined of many (the quantity is according to the inlet wire dia. and the outlet wire dia.) parallel connected single machines (capstan), it is used to drawing metal wire of steel, aluminum, copper. So it is suitable for these batch process areas of refined wire, such as, bolt, circle nail, electrician used lead, steel rope, spring, etc.
All the rolled drums are driven by each electromotor individually. In the process, as the wire becoming thinner and longer, the rotary speed is descending one by one. The pulley type is high efficiency and simple operation.
The machine is equipped with intact electric system, each has spare water cooling system interface.
To suit customer's requirement, we can add the capstans makeup to nine capstans

Pulley type wire drawing machine Pulley type wire drawing machine Pulley type wire drawing machine
Pulley type continuous wire drawing machine Pulley type wire drawing machine OTO wire drawing machine

Type LW-600 LW-560 LW-550 LW-450 LW-350(400)
Dia. of block 600 560 550 450 350(400)
Material strength 1150Mpa 1150Mpa 900Mpa 1300Mpa 1400Mpa
Inlet wire dia. 8-6mm 6.5mm 6.5mm 3.6mm 2.5mm
Outlet wire dia. 3-2mm 1.8mm 1.8mm 1.1mm 0.8mm
Average Compressibility 25% 25% 25% 21% 22%
Total Compressibility 85% 92.33% 92.33% 90.7% 87%
Max. speed of block 200m/min 245m/min 245m/min 346.9m/min 200m/min
Total power 37-30kw 30-18.5kw 22-15kw 18.5-7.5kw 11-5.5kw
Weight 4500kg 2000kg 2000kg 1500kg 1500kg
Size of single block (mm) 200012002600 170011002400 15208202300 15208202300 12006602000

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Our Wire Mesh Products Catalog:

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