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Poultry cage welding machine:

Poultry cage welding machine is used to weld live stoke farming mesh with small configuration and small diameter wire, for example for all kinds of cages.
This mesh welding machine is of high automatic, and can weld the wire from different small and middle wire diameter and form different width and different mesh opening, its speed is fast and the mesh opening is even, the welding point is reinforced and greater tensile strength.

Fine and light welded wire mesh machine Fine and light welded wire mesh machine Fine and light welded wire mesh machine
Fine type Welded wire mesh machine Chicken mesh welding machine Fine mesh welding machine

Mesh width 1200-1500mm 1200-1500mm 1200-1500mm
Mesh opening size 10-25mm 20-150mm 25-150mm
Wire Dia. 0.4-0.7mm 0.6-2.5mm 1.5-2.6mm
Welding Speed (Mesh/min) 120 100 85
Machine size 2600*1700*1800mm 3170*1600*1230mm 3500*1800*1500mm
Machine weight 2000kg 2500kg 3600kg
Outside transformer Less than 80KVA Less than 80KVA Less than 80KVA
Welding length 25m or design on demand 25m or design on demand 25m or design on demand

Our Wire Mesh Machine Products Catalog:

Welded Wire Mesh Machine Expanded Metal Mesh Machine PVC Coating Line Wire Drawing Machine
Angle Beads Machine Plaster Stop Machine Brickwork Reinforcing Mesh Machine Rib Lath Making Machine
HY-Rib Formwork Mesh Machine Barbed Wire Machine Gabion Mesh Machine  

Our Wire Mesh Products Catalog:

Welded Wire Mesh PVC Coated Wire Corner Beads (Angle Beads) Plaster stop
HY-Rib Formwork Mesh RIB LATH Hexagonal Wire Netting Expanded Metal Mesh (Diamond Metal Mesh)
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