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Industrial mesh welding machine:

The Industrial mesh welding machine adopts synchronous control technique, both welding time and cent-control welding is composed of PLC program system with pressing firmly once only and welding repeatedly. The input front-panel has two forms: touch screen and keyboard, it makes this machine more intelligent and reasonable. The weft wire supply is automatic. The greatest advantage is that you can adjust the distance of wefts at random on the piece of mesh sheet.
1. Main unit: Welded with thick steel sheet and section steel, strong and concise.
2. Welding electronic control system: PLC digital system, one time pressing, separate welding. Precise control and stable function.
3. Wire laying devices: Auto weft wire feeding device. Easy to handle, high welding speed.
4. Wire mesh opening setting: PLC digital control.
5. Weft wire arranging: Auto arranging.
6. Inner transformer: High efficient welding transformer. With 8 Grade adjustment. Welding machine applied: Wire mesh fence, fencing mesh and welded mesh panel.
industrial mesh welding production line industrial mesh welding production line Line wire straightening system for the industrial fence mesh welding machine Welding system for the industrial fence mesh welding machine
Industrial mesh welding machine Layout of the Industrial mesh
welding production line
Line wire straightening system Welding system

Model ABE-3/5-1500 ABE-3/5-2000 ABE-3/5-2500
Mesh width 1500mm 2000mm 2500mm
Line wire spacing 50-100mm 50-100mm 50-100mm
Numbers of welding points 30 40 48
Transformer 4* 75KVA 5 * 75KVA 6*75KVA
Cross wire spacing 50-200mm
Wire diameter 3-5mm
Max welding capacity 5.0+5.0mm with standard quality
Max welding speed 30-40 cross wires per min
Mesh pulling way Numerical control
Cable 3 pcs of copper cable with cross section area of 95mm2 or aluminium cable with cross section area of 120mm2,the distance between the machine and the power transformer should be less than 30m
Welding way Resistance welding controlled by Silicon-controlled rectifier (hereinafter called as SCR)
Welding voltage Adjustable in eight different grades through welding transformer
Pressurizing way By changing the length of tie rod in pressurizing beam and the compression of the upper electrode spring
Cross wire feeding way The cross wire fall off the feeding hopper into welding automatically one by one driven by step motor

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